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How do we do this?


Time permitting, we listen to your audio not once but twice — once for the basic keyboarding/keying, and then a second time to pick up any words or phrases we may have omitted or failed to understand the first time through. We charge only for the first pass, so to speak.

How long will it take?
Rule-of-thumb, please allow at least a 24-hour turnaround per half hour of recording. This gives us time to do the initial keyboarding, listen again to your material, and then review/proof the final transcript before we give it to you.

Of course the work can take longer if the recording is substandard, if there are multiple speakers, and if the speakers (1) speak very rapidly, (2) do not enunciate clearly, (3) use poor grammar, (4) have heavy foreign accents, and/or (5) tend to talk at the same time (what some call “talkover”), which means the transcriber must try to interpret serially, if you will, words that are actually being spoken in parallel. Some refer to this last characteristic as “talkover.”

What will my transcript look like
For ease in reading and comprehension, we generally show speaker names, when they are known, in boldface, flush with the left margin, as if in a script. If we don’t know who is speaking, we will type “Male voice” or “Female voice.”
We say “generally,” because we will format your transcript any way you wish. Maybe you wish to have the text pasted into a slide presentation. Simply give us a sample template as a guideline.

Do you want your transcript edited or verbatim?
We can do it either way. If you prefer that the material flow in a fairly grammatical way, we will edit judiciously, and show edited passages in brackets ([ ])