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audio transcription


We create transcripts from audio recordings you want captured accurately in print. We can convert your analog recordings to a digital format as well

video transcription

We can't recall meeting a video we couldn't transcribe, thanks to our continually-updated conversion and recording software.Upload your file(s) to us when you're ready

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In this age of texting and Facebook, it's easy to forget that our Websites and email blasts are us. They speak volumes even if there's no audio. Clever videos can't compensate for grammar glitches, typos, and spelling errors.

Welcome to Meg Dastrup's Word Power Plus


We at Word Power Plus are professionals who know how important your words are and we help you transcribe them accurately. Our goal is to help you get your words through. Spoken or written, entrust them to us. We'll work with you to make them say precisely what you intend, on time, and on budget, guaranteed!

When quick and dirty won’t do, contact Meg Dastrup’s Word Power Plus. Your recordings will be transcribed by experienced, U.S.-based professionals. We go beyond keyboarding. We take the time to learn the type of transcript you’re looking for – verbatim, or abridged and arranged for publication, for example. We work with all the popular digital audio and video formats, including .aiff, .mp3, .wav, and .wma.