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AUDIO  Transcription

Audio recording has come a long way since Edison’s “wax” cylinders! Today, chances are you rely on a cell phone or digital recorder to capture what’s important in your life. We’ve got you covered. We’re constantly upgrading our software and learning about new online resources to keep current with what’s out there. But, just in case, we’ve still got our tape transcription machines.


Digital - We work from audio CDs and formats, including .aiff, .m4a, .mp3, .wav, etc. We can convert from and to just about any digital format you need.
Analog - We accept standard and micro cassettes, both normal and half-speed
(We can convert your analog recordings to a digital format or, if you prefer, we can transcribe your standard or micro cassettes the old-fashioned way B on our Sanyo and Lanier tape-transcription machines. There will be a surcharge for the latter.)

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Transcription  Benefits

VIDEO  Transcription

File Types Accepted
Digital - We work from .m2ts, .mov, .mp4, .wmv, YouTube, etc.

Don't see your file type?
Don’t worry. We can’t recall meeting a video we couldn't transcribe, thanks to our continually-updated conversion and recording software.

Upload your file(s) to us when you're ready, using this link to our secure hightail service

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For The Web

In this age of texting and Facebook, it's easy to forget that our Websites and email blasts are us. They speak volumes even if there's no audio. Clever videos can't compensate for grammar glitches, typos, and spelling errors. At the very least, before your site goes live, before you hit SEND to start your Constant Contact campaign, ask family members, friends, and colleagues to give you a candid critique. Or contact Word Power Plus. I'll perform a quick review. It's fast. It's professional. And if it's 500 words or less, it's free. Send an email with your content pasted in to

We estimate and bill projects based upon three factors:
1.The length of the audio or video file (recorded hour).
2. The number of people involved in the conversation.
3. Any difficulty factors such as talkover, poor grammar, and audio-clarity issues.

How do we charge?

“Transcription may require from six to ten times as much time as [the] recording did. The amount of time required will depend on many factors including the clarity of the recording, the amount and type of background noise, the amount the . . . speakers talk over each other, the [speakers'] voice quality (volume, pitch, and enunciation), and the [speakers'] choice of vocabulary, among others.”

We at Word Power Plus are professionals who know how important your words are and we help you transcribe them accurately.  We even work with nightmare tapes where the recording quality leaves much to be desired. Furthermore, we realize that, just as technologies are evolving at an ever-increasing pace, the vocabularies and jargon associated with those technologies are evolving just as rapidly. So we stay current with what's going on in the industries we serve. At the same time, we realize that most of you are under pressure to keep costs down, and so we've kept our rates extremely competitive